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A digital economy with capacity for all

Nexa is the most scalable Layer-1 blockchain ever built. It will handle over 10 billion transactions per day while offering EVM-like smart-contracts & native token services, all while staying decentralized.

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About Nexa Finance

Nexa uses an ultra-scalable smart-contract system which enables practically everything possible on an EVM chain without the major scaling bottlenecks suffered by turing-complete networks. We call these °•wise-contracts°¶ because not only are they smart, but also wise in how network resources are used.smile

Token Name Nexa Finance
Symbol NEXA
Decimals 18
Supply 3.5 Million
Contract Address
Why Choose NEXA Token

Benefits of NEXA Finance

Baby Unicorn

Get 30% BNB per Referral

Baby Unicorn

Limited Supply of 3.5 Million

Baby Unicorn

Token will list 1$ per NEXA

Token Allocation


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Choose the Offer

Token Sale

Best Price

Pre-Sale will end in

  • Min Buy: 0.01 BNB = 12,000 NEXA
  • Max Buy: 5.00 BNB = 6,000,000 NEXA
  • Listing Price Will 1$ = 1 NEXA
  • NEXA Will List on September 30, 2023 on Pancakeswap and Bittrex Exchange.

Airdrop & Referral

Claim 5000 NEXA
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  • 50% BNB + 50% NEXA per Referral
  • Referral count is unlimited
  • Example: Your friend claim 5000 NEXA You receive 2500 NEXA !
What we will do?

Nexa Key Benefits

Global Capacity

PThanks to Nexa°¶s unique PoW algorithm, Nexa will scale to over 10 billion transactions per day. That°¶s enough capacity for the whole planet. No high fees and no waiting around for your transaction to be secured. This is thanks to new technology to remove the bottlenecks of bandwidth, storage and computation speed of nodes.

Native Tokens

Tokens are a market-validated use case for cryptocurrency which will bring significant amounts of value and network effects to Nexa. This is why Nexa offers token functionality natively without any need for special smart-contracts or token standards like ERC-20.

Instant Transactions

Transactions are instantly sent across the network, thanks to the miner rules of the network this is enough security for certain transactions. Soon a new technology will be brought to Nexa that enables instant, trustless transactions of any amount.

Plans & Vision

Nexa RoadMap

January 2023

Website development

Creation the site for the Nexa Finance Airdrop & Presale.

April 2023

Exchange Prototype

Creating NEXA decentralized exchange prototyping in testing environment.

Airdrop and Presale Begins
May 2023/span>

Exchange development

Developing Dex for NEXA Finance with swap function, add and remove liquidity functions etc.

Sept 2023/span>

Launch Exchange & Listing

Listing NEXA tokens on the pancakeswap exchange and Nexa Finance exchange at the price of 1 NEXA = 1$

Oct 2023

LP Token Mining

Earn NEXA and other digital assets on top of the yield just for putting assets into a liquidity pool.

Nov 2023

Staking NEXA

Earn governance rights and 0.05% of all swaps from all chains in one simple place.

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